The principles stated in this policy represent the basis of the commitment of PUBLIC AFFAIRS SOLUTIONS SRL regarding ethics and integrity. Through this policy, the Manager explicitly requires all employees to adhere to the core values of integrity and transparency, to promote and sustain a culture of compliance with legal provisions whereby bribery and corruption are not tolerated.

Through the commitment of ZERO tolerance to bribery and corruption, PUBLIC AFFAIRS SOLUTIONS SRL ensures that every reported, detected, or suspected violation of anti-bribery and anti-corruption provisions will be evaluated and investigated. Thus, appropriate disciplinary actions will be initiated in parallel with the specific sanctions established by the applicable legal norms.

We guarantee that no employee will be sanctioned or retaliated against for refusing to take part in an act of bribery, active or passive, directly or indirectly, or in the case of reporting acts of corruption, existing or attempted. We encourage the reporting of concerns in good faith or for reasonable grounds to believe so, with full confidence and without fear of retaliation.

These principles are supported by a risk management and implementation of an Anti-Bribery Management System, in accordance with the provisions of the international standard ISO 37001. The strategic objective that must be achieved and maintained continuously is “Zero Incidents of Bribery”.

We are committed to proactively preventing and combating any acts or attempts at corruption. We achieve this by promoting the principles of ethics and integrity among all stakeholders.

PUBLIC AFFAIRS SOLUTIONS SRL intends to become a reference model, by implementing the best practices and standards for preventing and combating corruption. We will make every effort to promote the same principles of ethics and integrity among all our partners, public and private. We reserve the right to refuse or withdraw from collaborative relationships if there are indications of acts of corruption or fraud.

PUBLIC AFFAIRS SOLUTIONS SRL undertakes to comply with the applicable legal and regulatory requirements, as well as those of the Anti-Bribery Management System and to continuously improve its performance in this field.

The Anti-Bribery Manager receives the authority, independence, and tools necessary to coordinate and supervise the anti-bribery management system.