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Public Affairs Solutions offers internship opportunities for upper-class undergraduates and graduate students majoring in political science, law, public administration, economy, sociology, public relations or a related field.

Our internship programs expose students to different facets of the public affairs arena through experiential learning that includes working on client projects, monitoring Parliament hearings, organizing events, and research opportunities.

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Interns testimonials

Ruxandra Trîmbițaș

I am forever grateful for my internship at Public Affairs Solutions. There is no boring day when working in the dynamic field of public affairs, and even though I spent only three months with the company, the mentorship I received was invaluable for my professional growth. Working with each senior member of the Public Affairs Solutions team, I had the opportunity to delve deep into the complexities of the pharmaceutical, aviation, technological and agricultural sectors, both in the Romanian and European environments. The direct exposure to the aforementioned industries provided me with a comprehensive understanding of the regulatory frameworks, policy dynamics, and the interplay between government and private entities. When I first started, each senior member made sure they were aware of my strengths so they could optimally make me part of the team while helping me develop my skill set. I extend my gratitude towards the entire Public Affairs Solutions team for making my internship an enriching experience and for helping me advance professionally. Public Affairs Solutions is the perfect place to start if you wish to gain the necessary expertise for a lobbying career.

Sasha Ciocîrlan

My experience as an intern at Public Affairs Solutions in the summer of 2022 was extraordinarily enriching and formative. Under the guidance of a team of exceptional professionals, I had the opportunity to gain a much better understanding of the political system and business environment in the country. This internship gave me the opportunity to be directly connected to politics in Romania, feeling the impact that I, along with others in the company, have directly on society. Many thanks to Codrin, Decebal, Vladimir and Matei for their openness and guidance!

Maria Răducu

My participation in the Public Affairs Solutions internship came as an opportunity to accumulate new knowledge about various interesting topics in politics and beyond. In this way, I became more familiar with the basics of this field. Legislative monitoring and building projects that simulated different situations were two of my favorite activities. I also had the chance to meet and work with people who are very involved and passionate about what they do, which gave me confidence and motivation every step of the way. Moreover, the dedication of the Public Affairs Solutions team to explain and involve us in various processes made my experience even more interesting and beneficial for my personal and professional development. I was able to develop skills such as attention to details important to the team's clients, better understanding and knowledge of their requirements and strategic time management. The experience I gained and the new things I learned have helped me further in my professional journey and I am grateful for my time at Public Affairs Solutions.

Ilinca Panait

My internship at Public Affairs Solutions equipped me with a better understanding and valuable hands-on experience in the field of public affairs. Moreover, it allowed me to apply theoretical knowledge acquired at university into real-life examples, helping me build on the necessary skills for any consultant working in this domain. Last but not least, the PAS team and the dynamic working environment contributed to my professional and personal development.