Our team assists clients in communicating with policymakers on complex legislative issues in every major area. We draw on our Parliament and central and local Government relationships, policy experience, and strategic understanding of process to help clients fend off unwelcome initiatives and affirmatively shape sound policy environments for achieving business goals.

Furthermore, our consultants effectively and efficiently reach across the country to gain support on issues affecting clients, including local legislation, permitting issues, regulatory matters, corporate image or crises. We also provide clients with strategic advice on building national strategies to be implemented through our nationwide network of political and governmental relationships.

Our consultants work closely with both Romanian embassies abroad and with the diplomatic community accredited in Bucharest, foreign governments and sovereign funds, the European Commission and other relevant national and international actors in an effort to help clients identify key stakeholders from the political, regulatory, and NGO sectors, as well as develop and execute strategies that support their business objectives.

Our in-house strategic communications team designs and executes issue campaigns to shape public policy at central and local levels. Public Affairs Solutions enhances our clients’ ability to achieve business success by designing and managing customized grassroots, communications and digital campaigns that impact public perceptions and enhance legal strategies. The team understands how to develop messages to educate the public and manage communications efforts – including media relations and social media – that generate positive community support and earned media for our clients and help shape policy.